The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 is a key element of the European Green Deal with the aim to recover Europe’s biodiversity by 2030. The Biodiversity Strategy outlines an EU Nature Restauration Plan (European Commission 2020)[i] to restore damaged ecosystems and ensure their sustainable management. However,


The urgency of biodiversity protection and restoration

What is biodiversity worth? Here: Blanktjärnen lakes in Jämtland, Sweden – free to visit, but expensive to maintain. Halting and reversing biodiversity loss is one of the main global priorities today. Starting with the United Nations (United Nations General Assembly 2019)[i], who proclaimed 2021–2030 to be


Some basics about forest carbon projects

A carbon credit, labeled as tCO2e, or carbon offset represents the removal of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Carbon credits are typically generated by projects or initiatives that are deliberately undertaken to either reduce carbon output or promote long-term carbon storage. Carbon


Därför behövs koldioxidkrediter från svensk skog

För att uppnå Parisavtalets mål med att begränsa den globala uppvärmningen till maximalt 1,5 C, måste hela det globala samhället ställa om. Det här kommer att innebära en ofantlig omvandling av ekonomin: varje företag, varje bank, och varje investerare kommer att behöva ställa om sina


Biodiveristy in forestry operations

Yesterday, the Swedish Forest Industries launched a report on biodiversity (in Swedish) “Skogens biologiska mångfald – om arter, miljöarbete och statistik”. I am proud to say that I was a part of the team who worked with the report, which took almost a year to complete.


Integrating biodiversity into investment decisions

Once considered a separate issue to climate change, biodiversity loss is now regarded as an equally urgent crisis. It builds resilience against climate change, supports communities and livelihoods, and fundamentally underpins our broader society and global economy. Financial institutions are exposed to multiple types of


Where to invest in forests?

When one is interested in growing trees for a living, one of the most important questions to ask is – will it be possible to grow trees even in the future? There has been a lot of articles and information in the media recently about


Voluntary carbon offsets and forestry

Global warming is the largest challenge the mankind has seen. The need for climate action, and tools to mobilize finance for resilient transition towards low-carbon is increasingly urgent. The private sector has a very important role to play if we are to reach the 1.5 degree


Forest carbon as an additional income to forest owners

Forests could store more carbon through natural climate solutions, or actions that conserve, restore or improve land to increase carbon sequestration and storage. To tap into the full carbon potential of forests, actions can be taken to keep forests as forests, improve the management of


Financing gap

Human activities are causing unprecedented and accelerating global loss of biodiversity. There is a huge global movement for protection of biodiversity which seems only to grow and cannot be ignored. EU has proposed a biodiversity strategy for 2030 in which one of the core actions is


I'm Aleksandra Holmlund

I am a litentiate candidate studying innovative finance mechanisms for biodiversity conservation.

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