About Me

I am Aleksandra Holmlund

Climate action towards meeting the Paris agreement goals are necessary for the survival of our planet.
I am interested in developing nature-based business opportunities for the forestry- and responsible investment sectors. In this blog I discuss the opportunities available to the forestry sector to contribute to the achievement of the global climate and biodiversity goals, while creating new income opportunities at the same time.
I am a Swedish forester with more than 20 years in operational forestry and timberland investments in Sweden and across Europe. For more information on my professional background, please take a look at my Linkedin profile.

“Aleksandra has very strong analytical and communication skills”

Gudmund Vollbrecht

researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

“I have always been impressed with her deep knowledge and professionalism”

Luciana Aquino-Hagedorn

General Counsel NCX

“Aleksandra has a rare combination of high-level strategic thinking and practical hands-on approach”

Esko Nenola


“Aleksandra is the best leader I’ve ever had”

Olof Falkeström

Forest Management Specialist at Norra Skog