Introducing our Biodiversity Credit Methodology

Biodiversity conservation is a pressing global concern. Innovative approaches to financing biodiversity, such as biodiversity credits, have been specifically mentioned as one of the global biodiversity targets at COP15 (Target 19 d).  Biodiversity credits are not a silver bullet that will solve all biodiversity problems,


My COP15 experience

I’ve never been to a ”COP” before, so the COP15 in Montreal was for me all about learning and connecting to people. It is fascinating that literally a whole world can gather like this, around an important topic. From what I have seen, there seems


Corporate Investments into Forestry & Biodiversity

Having worked with forestry investments for a long time, I have asked myself how this asset class will evolve in the future? In recent years, forest carbon has emerged as a promising additional cash flow in forestry. Although carbon credits are by no means a


Biodiversity credit methodologies

During this spring, our research team has developed biodiversity credit methodologies which can be used in boreal ecosystems. This has been an exciting journey, starting with acknowledgment of the complexity of the task, and therefore a realization that we have to create a methodology for


What about investors?

From a private capital perspective, the least invested of the SDG goals are Life on Land (SDG 15) and Life below Water (SDG 14). It is estimated that over 900 billion USD are needed annually if the decline of biodiversity is to be reversed. Looks


Further examples of private finance for biodiversity

Last week I wrote about biodiversity certificates, conservation bonds and impact investments. This week I look further into other examples of private finance for biodiversity such as biodiversity offsets, credits and conservation banking. I am also elaborating on the existing systems and methodologies for biodiversity


Some examples on private finance for biodiversity

There are a number of available financial instruments for biodiversity, such as biodiversity certificates, bonds, eco-accounts, credits and offsets, as well as conservation banking and impact investing. In this post, I am going to present biodiversity certificates, conservation bonds and impact investments. Biodiversity certificates A well-known


Existing systems for biodiversity finance

Biodiversity finance is the expenditure that contributes (or intends to contribute) to the conservation, sustainable use and restauration of biodiversity (OECD 2020)[i]. Biodiversity finance can be sourced from public and private sources. It can be mobilized and delivered through a number of different financial instruments


I'm Aleksandra Holmlund

I am a litentiate candidate studying innovative finance mechanisms for biodiversity conservation.

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