Forest carbon as an additional income to forest owners

Forests could store more carbon through natural climate solutions, or actions that conserve, restore or improve land to increase carbon sequestration and storage.

To tap into the full carbon potential of forests, actions can be taken to keep forests as forests, improve the management of existing forests, reforest, and use more forest products which store carbon and encourage the cycle of investment in more trees.

A large opportunity lies in family owned forests. Family forest owners care about the health of their forests and about seeing their land remain as a forest into the future. Yet, in the Nordic region, there are no initiatives, to tap into this opportunity.

We could learn from initiatives currently being made in US, such as The Family Forest Carbon Program.

The Family Forest Carbon Program connects family forest owners with trusted information and professionals, and pays them for implementing carbon-positive forest management practices, helping to bring economic stimulus to rural communities. For companies seeking to reduce their supply chain emissions or address residual emissions that can’t be eliminated given current technologies, the Family Forest Carbon Program provides verified carbon credits that can be purchased. In addition, it provides companies an avenue to support rural landowners through economic stimulus, and make a positive impact on wildlife habitat, clean water and forest resiliency.

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